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Brad and Jennie | Wedding

So although this was not my first, official Purdue wedding. It felt like it because it was a beautiful day and I was allowed ample time to shoot throughout campus!  Same with the reception venue, the Moses Fowler House, not my first time shooting there but under new ownership this experience was phenomenal!  Couple the perfect day and a perfect(in my opinion) location with the perfect couple and this is what will ensue…

Huge shout out to Chris Deckard with Velvet Lotus Photography for assisting me that day!  We had a ton of fun and it was so cool to see what he was able to capture from some completely different perspectives, thanks Chris!

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Our Home

So for father’s day this year I thought I would brag on my babies’ daddy just a little! We have been in our house for a little over a year now and it most certainly feels like home. This home was literally built with blood, sweat and tears(ok this one was mostly me).  It’s emotionally exhausting people; their are a lot of choices to be made. HA! But through it all I never lost sight of the fact that this house wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for Jason. The time alone is crazy, he would put in 8+ hrs at work and then go to the house to work till midnight, 1am, just to start all over the next day. And lets talk talent. I knew he was talented but when you see someone work on something they are so passionate about and bring their dream to life it takes your breath away. Now I know I am not engineerically(I know this isn’t a word, but you get the point, right?) minded but every step I would be so blown away with how he was able to not only vision the outcome but then execute whatever the task at hand was as if he could do it in his sleep.  Honestly he does do it in his sleep, just ask him!  I love this home we have built and I could not be more proud of my husband and his abilities!  I’ll leave you with some pictures!  I’ll try to update again once all the landscaping is in…hey with my track record with updating the blog…I’ll have a year or two!


If you want to take a look at more of my husband’s work visit,!

Margaret - Wow, gorgeous! Looks great!

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