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Our Home

So for father’s day this year I thought I would brag on my babies’ daddy just a little! We have been in our house for a little over a year now and it most certainly feels like home. This home was literally built with blood, sweat and tears(ok this one was mostly me).  It’s emotionally […]

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Lincoln – 7 months

Alleluia!! Nothing like the blog sitting untouched for **gasp** a year! but a certain 13 month old will do that to her momma! Well that and the fact that I forced myself to take January and February off…I know, I know it’s just Feb 19th…but I could not help but share these two cuties! I […]

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YIKES…Been awhile!

Where do I even start…yikes…part of me really hopes there is just one or two people out there that may check on my blog that are not on facebook??  maybe??  I hope everyone has not been coming here looking for new stuff thinking “geesh is this lady even taking pictures anymore??”  Because seriously it has […]

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What I’m Thankful for…

A husband who enjoys the outdoors and knows just how to hunt and a son who I know one day will be right along with him!! I love them both, the handsome hunter and cute little camo clad sidekick, not the dead deer!

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