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Lincoln – 7 months

Alleluia!! Nothing like the blog sitting untouched for **gasp** a year! but a certain 13 month old will do that to her momma! Well that and the fact that I forced myself to take January and February off…I know, I know it’s just Feb 19th…but I could not help but share these two cuties! I also had to clean up the blog so please dig into the other tabs and check out some my new things. I did in fact have to increase my prices. With 2 kids, a Full time job and the fact that we will begin building our new home(if this god forsaken weather ever breaks) here this spring I have to be certain I am placing enough value on the time spent away from my family! Nothing major, just a few tweaks here and there yet remaining 100% confidant in the images, and memories, I provide you!




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Ryane, Saige and Grayson

These two are always so much fun!!  and since momma’s not on facebook Ive re-entered the world of blogging!!  but just for one day…at this point I am keeping my head above water and blogging is unfortunately taking a backseat!!:(  I know I need to more but when the choice between blogging and sleeping come up I will always choose sleep!! 😉  or rather baby chooses sleep!  15 weeks and counting and just then I may catch up on my blogging??

and I haven’t forgotten about Grayson…

Now everyone say a little extra prayer for me tonight…newborn twin girls in the studio tomorrow night!! excited but nervous!!

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