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Well, Welcome!!  The new Blog::site:: is up and running!!  I hope this new design is just the kick I needed to blog more!!:)  We shall see…but when I’m busy shooting I seem to slack on posting!  SOO know that if you see little movement 0n here it is not a lack of content but rather the energy…a 2 going on 12 year old is tough work!  I had my camera in the “shop” and took a little vacation right after christmas.  After shooing almost every day for 2 months my ‘other’ baby needed a vacation as well!  I got him back just in time to photograph a couple of great lookin’ little people.and because I don’t want to ruin this motivation I’m not going to jump back in thinking I’m some overachiever, I am going to wrap a few sessions into one post.  This is how my last week has looked like…

Dexter is one lucky little boy!!  I just had the pleasure of meeting his mom and dad and they instantly feel like family!  I can not wait to document this kid’s 1st year!

These two girls are quite smitten with their new baby brother!  Parker, I’m afraid, is going to be one quite little boy.  Just like my brother, with 2 older sisters doing all the talking, there just won’t be the need!  😉

are you kidding me with this kid??  Although we had to fight for our smiles, Simon is just beautiful.  Always a pleasure seeing him and his momma!

and lastly, Mr Blue Eyes came to please!

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What I’ve been working on this weekend!!

I started off the weekend with a 2 year old shoot…how cool is this little man’s “engine”?? His uncle Todd had the hook-up and Miles could not have been more smitten!! 😉

Then went straight to a BEAUTIFUL wedding where I could not have asked for better weather, ok so maybe just a tad warmer but the lighting was perfect!! STUNNING!!

This morning ::bright:: 😉 and early this handsome senior met me, still don’t know if I believe him when he told me “don’t worry, I was already up” at 7 AM!?!? But he came to please! Such a great kid and I know he’s going places in the upcoming year!

and last but not least a large family I grew up knowing, they were celebrating their parents 40th Aanniversary with updated family photos! We met on the family farm and battled the bitter cold to get some great pictures!

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YIKES…Been awhile!

Where do I even start…yikes…part of me really hopes there is just one or two people out there that may check on my blog that are not on facebook??  maybe??  I hope everyone has not been coming here looking for new stuff thinking “geesh is this lady even taking pictures anymore??”  Because seriously it has been quite the opposite!!  My weeks turn to weekends in the blink of an eye and a new Monday is here even quicker than that!  I have been working my tail off at w-o-r-k, which I am loving right now(yeah!! this is good!!), I am trying to limit my weekday shoots to 2(which is usually ends up at 3 against the dismay of my husband) and trying(really hard) to keep my weekends for this guy…
1 good one, 1!!
“if you don’t hurry this s*#t up I’m outta here lady”
“hold momma, hold me pweese”

SO if you are still with me on this blog please don’t give up, I promise to post again soon!  Just give me some time to soak up the fun that is a two year old!!

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